Privacy Policy

We try our best to keep yours and our personal information secured. AlxCafe is SSL Certified and ensure the encryption of your data.
1. How we use your data
2. What data do we collect?
3. Who has access?
4. Where is your data stored?
5. How long is it stored?
6. Changes in Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy
7. Your Rights
8. Contact us

What data do we collect?

Contact Details. This may include your first name, last name, address, username, email address and similar information that is voluntarily given to us. We do not collect your credit card credentials; this is a service provided to us by WiPay and you can view their own privacy policy here.

Account details. Every time you make a purchase on our site it will be recorded on our database under your personal account. This would include what you have ordered, the number of items, payment method chosen and your contact details.

Security Details. This would include user names and passwords to ensure authentication to access accounts for purchases and the use of our services.

Technical details. This would include your geo location, browser type and version, time zone, mobile device (if applicable) and other technology used to access the website.

Marketing and Data Usage: This would include your website preferences at, marketing preferences and third party plugins and communication tool preferences used on our site.

How we use your data?

To identify when and where you visit our website. This helps to ensure your information is kept between us and out of the hands of fraudulent persons.

To register a new customer, so that we can provide our products and services to you.

For payment. We need your information to process a purchase whether that may be by cash or card, for you to receive a receipt of purchase and have access to payment portals.

Purchases. We are grateful you have decided to shop with us and as such, we provide you with access to your purchase orders.
Statistical Data. To improve our website and services we monitor how frequent visitors browse all the pages on our website.
Research & Marketing. To provide you with the best possible service, we collect information on the sales and views of our product and newsletters to determine what you are loving and what we will be able to recommend to you for future visits to our site as well as what type of products we should develop further.

Customer service. If you have any questions or need support with any part of our service, we would need to Identify who you are so that we can personalize our relationship and give the best support we can.
Legal Purposes. To record our historical relationship that may be needed for any legal breaches, police injunctions and other documents that may be needed in the court of law.

Who has Access?

We do not sell or rent your personal data, to any third party. This includes your name address, email address. Your data is important to us we try our best to provide you with adequate security.

Some third parties that we use to provide and enhance the service of our site may have access to your information and they each have their own privacy policy. These include:

– WooCommerce. This is a e-commerce automatic inventory and payment management service used to manage the entire functionality of the site. View their privacy policy here.

– WiPay. We use Wipay to process online payments and they may use your contact details such as your name, address and email for payment purposes. Your credit card credentials are provided separately to them via secure payment portal. View their privacy policy here.

– Creative Mail. This is an email marketing service we use send and distribute our marketing newsletters and promotions. View their privacy policy here.

– Sales Forces. This is a CRM service tool used to statically view and manage website data and sales records, for marketing research and analytical purposes. View their privacy policy here.

Where is your data Stored?

Our website hosts all its data with our hosting provider that secures and store all of its data within their datacenters located in the United States of America.
How long is your data stored?
Your information is stored for the duration of our contractual agreement. We only keep information that is necessary to facilitate the use of the site. All other information may be deleted if it not needed.
Changes in Privacy Policy and Cookies
We attempt to keep data as secured as possible. We reserve the right to amend or edit our privacy policy and cookie policy where we see fit to enhance the use of our site and ensure that all security protocols are met.

Your Rights
You have every right control how your data is shared and can terminate your contract or agreement with AlxCafe at any time
– You can request to be informed about how your data is being used and stored.
– You can request to acquire a copy of the personal data we hold about you.
– You have the right to edit and amend any personal data. You can do this through your account profile portal.
– You have the right to delete or restrict the use of your data on our website.
– You can request to desist from all direct marketing messages.
– The right to complain to the data protection authority if you are unsatisfied or believe that the use of your data is being infringed.

External Links
Any external or social media links listed on our website, each have their own privacy policy and is not affiliated with AlxCafe’s Privacy Policy. You are encouraged to read them thoroughly.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on our Privacy Policy or would like to delete and deactivate your account as well as exercise any of your rights. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at or contact number: 1 868 477 9367.